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For those who want to challenge.

The feeling of RS
The sea, the sea. Perhaps the most majestic setting we find on Earth. Something we’ve been trying to control for thousands of years. Challenged.

That’s what the RS 800C was designed for. Let yourself be challenged.

The details.
The RS 800C has been designed for robustness and a well-operated hull. The waterline extends over 6 meters and gives you the impression of a boat with lots of space and flexible shapes at the same time.

The aluminum hull is fantastic and unique and gives you a lot of sailing pleasure. The hull design has been razor-sharp to cut through the waves and the RS 800C gives you the option to sail actively even in rough seas.

Interior – sports & luxury.
In Nordkapp’s RS models, you should feel that little bit extra. The ergonomic starting point in the driver’s seat with sports-oriented instruments and a tailor-made engine console quickly gives you the feeling of being in control. Tempered glass in the boat’s 365-degree windows gives you a full view of all areas in the boat, and the large tailgate gives you and your passengers easy access to the aft deck.

The equipment and performance
RS 800C comes with both the Mercury Verado V8 and Mercury ProXS. Both engines fit well with the boat and give the hull the challenge you want. If you need that extra sporty feel, ProXS is the choice for you.

Facts – RS 800 C

Important measures and dimensions

Length: 747 cm
Width: 253 cm
Fuel tank: 200 liters
Seats: 6 people
Beds: 2
Recommended engine: 300 hp

Best Equipped in her class?

The List of Standard Equipment includes:
Optional Equipment:

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