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Sport and comfort go hand in hand

The feeling of RS.
The feeling of freedom and open sea. The feeling of control. Nordkapp RS is made to give you a sea of ​​emotions. These are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, sport and comfort go hand in hand. This is RS 705A.

The details.
The RS 705A shares many of the hull elements of its sister, the RS 705E. This gives you an unmistakable sports feeling and at the same time the comfort feels good. The low and uncluttered dashboard together with an ergonomically well-placed console make the sailing experience fantastic.

Nordkapp’s easily recognizable design language is well anchored in the RS 705A. The sporty design of the hull by the designer is decisive for both sailing pleasure and comfort. The 3M carbon film of the hull (optional) gives the boat an extra rough feeling.

It’s the good feeling that leads you with that. The good feeling created by the mix of adrenaline and control. That’s why we’ve designed a skipper’s place that allows you and your passengers to experience both. Here you have for yourself and those around you a fantastic view of the nature around you while at the same time you are well protected at high speeds or strong winds. RS 705A is therefore very suitable for almost the entire season.

The performance.
The roar of the Mercury V8 engine is the first thing you’ll notice when you really push with the RS 705A. Together with the sharp 24 degree hull, this makes the RS 705A one of the nicest bowriders

Facts – RS 705 A

Important measures and dimensions

Length: 705 cm
Width: 230 cm
Weight without engine: 1275 kg
Weight with engine: 1510 kg
Draft with engine: 90 cm
Fuel tank: 200 liters
Seats: 7 people
Recommended engine: 250 hp

Best Equipped in her class?

The List of Standard Equipment includes:
  • Bow hook
  • Swim ladder
  • Anchor hatch
  • Cushions
  • Water ski pole
  • 12V socket
  • Securmark boat / motor
  • Mooring package
  • Canopy storage
  • Black annealed powder coated stainless seat
  • Lanterns
  • Wide fender
Optional Equipment:

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