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Nordkapp RS

with a character that defines you

The idea of ​​Nordkapp RS was born at sea. The boats in the RS series are designed to give you the performance of a sports boat with the functionality of our well-known cruisers. The hulls of the RS have been specially designed to provide more stability and comfort at high speeds and rough seas, and interact with the waves that give you a unique sense of the combination of adrenaline and safety.

Model Nordkapp RS 705A

Nordkapp RS 705A

Sport and comfort, hand in hand. This is the boat for you who want to make comfortable use of the archipelago and the sea.

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Model Nordkapp RS 705E


RS 705E is the boat that exudes a confident character and helps you to challenge yourself and nature. Check out more of our best driving machines here.

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Model Nordkapp RS 800C


The RS 800C is designed for robustness and a well-operated hull. The waterline extends over 6 meters and gives you the impression of a boat with lots of space and flexible shapes at the same time

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