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You can choose from fiveteen models within a wide range of equipment and facilities. Nordkapp-boats have a great advantage with its wide range of accessories.


Avant Bowrider

Avant-models is characterized primarily by the fact that they have an entire wind screen that provides great protection for everyone in the cockpit. Instead of a traditional cabin in the bow, Avant have an open living space for passengers. Avant combines the speedboat space utilization with daycruisers well protected cockpit.

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Enduro speedboaten

Nordkapp has three Enduro models from 17 to 25 feet. Common to all three is that they can be categorized as "completely", an open boat with the control console in the Middle ship. The concept is suitable for anyone who wants a daytouring boat that is simple and quick to use.

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Noblesse day cruisers

The Noblesse series consists of three day cruisers with traditional sleeping cabin below deck. Here you will get a full day touring boat with good possibilities for accommodation. The boats can be supplied with a large selection of extra equipment, of which the electric toilet often will be selected. A large and functional canopy is provided as standard equipment, and allows the boat to a perfect tour boat.

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R Line

R-Serie aluminumboats

R-Serie is the collective name of the series from Nordkapp where the hull is made of aluminum. The first two Nordkapp R the Enduro 605 R and Avant 605 R were launched in November 2015 and deliverable since March 2016. The Nordkapp R-Series is extended with additional 2 new models; the Enduro 705 R and the Avant 705 R. The R-Series consists of a combination of aluminum and fiberglass. We took the best of two Worlds! The result is a sporty boat with robust properties.

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